2021: Be a Wisdom Tooth

‘What the hell is this girl thinking? Be a wisdom tooth. She must still be detoxing from 2020’.

I know these are the majority of your thoughts, I thought it too but the metaphor is relevant going into 2021. And yes, that first week of 2021 will require major detoxing and shifting. ( Really, leaving 2020 left me with a headache this morning, anyone else?)

As wisdom teeth emerge, if you’re as lucky as I am, they tend to shift space around them and shift to make room themselves, before they emerge to reap the benefits of existence after remaining practically invisible for so long. This is how I see the transition into 2021.

We all turned into little recluse Dickinson’s in 2020, and that’s okay. In fact, many people probably preferred it. However, as COVID-19 vaccines become available to the public, restaurants open their dining areas, and drive through becomes less stress inducing we might be seeing a shift back to normalcy, and we need to shift with it to evolve and resolve. So let’s be more like wisdom teeth and less like baby teeth. Enough teeth talk. You get it.

Last year, I was highly optimistic, as most are during the turn of the year. However, my optimism came true and became realistic, regardless of the chaos that came with it. Why can’t anything be easy? If you didn’t read Into the 20s from last year’s New Year post, go check it out! It’s a favorite.

This time last year I mentioned I’d get my husband back from Turkey, settle down in our own home, and hopefully get business done. We did it all, regardless of COVID-19. In fact, if we found a house just 4 days later, Ken may not have have come home in time before the shut down, I’d probably still be unemployed, and still living in Ohio. JUST 4 days! My son went to his new school for two days before Spring Break turned into 2020 break. People like me, freelancers, were able to embrace the job market as so many businesses had to cut their budget on creative marketing. Not to mention, San Antonio and Cincinnati working class are two entirely different breeds of people.

I dare say, things happen for a reason. So maybe, just maybe, the universe has an ear to the ground, and it might just be listening and acting differently from your expectations, and regardless of retrogrades.

Going into 2021 means we can write the date shorthand again without worrying about fraud (that should’ve been the first red flag). I consider simplicity a win, and all on the first day of the year?! It’s gonna be great. So to speak success and desire into existence, this is what I plan in 2021.

I will be entering 2021 with a full-time position while also working freelance projects, even freelancers have to settle for a bit. However, I am not giving up on my own agency dream. In fact, going full-time for another agency setting will help me grow and develop to become stronger on my own. Throughout the year, I plan to rebrand The Ana Glass to strictly my blog and my business will be rebranded to another name and logo that better represents an agency, to further expand my business intentions and professionalism. No, I won’t say anymore. Some mystery must be revealed when it’s due time, young padawan.

So let’s forget a bit about 2020 except to appreciate the shifting it has caused to allow us to emerge and become better versions of yourself. What more can you do? Let’s keep on keeping on, you do you, and all those other cliches for persistence and self affirmation.

So here’s to 2021! Cheers to all you wisdom teeth!

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