Welcome to an extension of The Ana Glass! My oh my, you are in for the ride of your life with this classy, foul-mouthed, creative fool. This is a tall- ass glass of a bold red blend consisting of copywriting, brand strategy, art direction, inspiration, and design. If you are easily offended, go get yourself a goblet of red or white goods prior to continuing, and enjoy; that is, if you really need an excuse to drink.

Some elements of this blog involve musical inspiration for a variety of writing styles, my previous work, weekly challenges*,occasional tutorials, words put together to make a sentence, and so much more.

You will see a new post for WW every other Wednesday and, if I feel creative, random days where I have an idea pop up in my head and I choose to make it a reality. You’re welcome.

So, let’s enjoy this together!

Bottoms up.

* Bi-Weekly challenges are chosen by you for me. You can reply in the comments about what challenge you’d like me to do prior to the next Winer’s Wednesday. Tasks may involve a redesign of previous logos or work I’ve displayed, partial reinvention of a dead or dying brand, creation of work for you ( with pay, because I don’t produce completed and professional work for free), etc.

If you’re looking for creative campaign samples and my portfolio, you are in the wrong place, but don’t worry I’ll direct you in the right direction here:

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